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High Purity Swelling Agent
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Product: Views:438High Purity Swelling Agent 
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Last updated: 2018-04-03 07:19

High purity swelling agent
Cell proliferation, longitudinal sorting (stretch,swelling, strong fruit)
Dosage form: water
Specifications: 10ml * 100 bags * 4 boxes, 100ml * 80 bottles

Main Ingredients:
Plant cell signaling inducer Organic matter 500g / L

High purity swelling agent Product features:
Improve the assimilation area of the top leaves, enhance the photosynthetic efficiency, make the crop leaves thicker, hypertrophy, expand the degree of large, leaf color green, shiny. Promote the crop to protect the flower length, keep the fruit flower sticks dry, fruit elongated skin pretty, fruit type neat, fruit fullness, quality improvement, increased sweetness, resistance to storage. Regulate fruit growth and development, strengthen the cell wall structure, enhance cell viability. Improve the ability of drought resistance, cold resistance, wind resistance, flood resistance and disease resistance of crops. It can be used to alleviate the disease, relieve the key and increase nutrition, completely overcome the hormone swelling agent to reduce the quality of banana.

Mechanism of action:
(1) to coordinate the overall growth and development of plants, delay leaf senescence, promote protease and sugar metabolism and fruit enlargement, improve fruit quality and storability.
(2) High purity swelling agent has a variety of functions such as swelling rapidly, enhancing fruit surface colouring, thickening wax layer, resisting water resistance, improving quality and increase production.

At the seedling period to maturity, the water is evenly sprayed with water 2000-3000.

1.It can be mixed with most pesticides, but avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides.
2. Do not spray the leaves in the direct sunlight or hot at noon when the operation, please note that the spray on the front and back evenly.
3. After washing this product, please wash your hands, if you accidentally spilled on the skin or eyes, please immediately rinse plenty of water.
4. Keep and stay away from children, pets and livestock.

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