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High Purity Promote Flower Agent
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Product: Views:441High Purity Promote Flower Agent 
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High purity promote flower agent
Stimulate the flower bud differentiation, Paul flower fruit, promote chlorophyll synthesis (green leaf, promote flower, fruit retention)
Dosage: Water
Size: 20ml * 60 bags * 5 boxes, 100ml * 80 bottles, 200ml * 40 bottles, 1000ml * 12 bottles

High purity promote flower agent Main Ingredients:
Free amino acids 100g / L Sugar alcohol organic matter100g / L Calmodulin 5g / L Chlorophyll zinc 10g / L Chlorophyll copper 0.5g / L Glycol complex boron 0.5g / L EDDHA Manganese 0.5g / L EDDHA Magnesium 5g / L EDDHA iron 1.5g / L

Selection of high purity amino acids, organic sugar alcohols, chlorophyll chelating agents, chelating, trace elements and so on.

Mechanism of action:
Effective stimulation of cell division and swelling and elongation, to promote flower bud differentiation and fruit enlargement has a significant effect. A variety of amino acids; chlorophyll; trace elements and sugar alcohol chelating process, due to lack of yellowing, fruit drop, fruit and other physiological diseases have significant control effect.
(1) to promote chlorophyll synthesis, anti-virus, anti-disaster mitigation drug damage.
(2) inhibition of abscisic acid synthesis, Preservation of flowers and leaves to promote growth.
(3) to promote flower buds germination, increase the proportion of female flowers, increase the fruit.
(4) to promote cell division, swelling of the fruit, flesh dense, improve quality.

According to crop nutrition needs diluted 1500 - 2000 times uniform spray.

1. High purity promote flower agent can be mixed with most pesticides, but avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides.
2. Do not spray the leaves in the direct sunlight or hot at noon when the operation, please note that the spray on the front and back evenly.
3. After washing this product, please wash your hands, such as accidentally spilled on the skin or eyes, please immediately rinse plenty of water.
4. Keep and stay away from children, pets and livestock.

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