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Quick Rooting Agent
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Product: Views:439Quick Rooting Agent 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2018-04-20 21:09

Technical indicators:
Nitrogen 120g / L Organic matter 200g / L Compound amino acid 100g / L Boron 0.5g / L Zinc 0.5g / L Iron 1g / L

Product performance:
This product is the use of the latest scientific research results developed from the quick rooting agent. The organic active substances and rooting factors, which are rich in living soil, chelate the nutrient elements and amino acids needed for the growth of various crops. After use, it can stimulate the cell division and elongation, activate the activity of the mesenchymal cells and promote the seed germination and root growth, To promote early rooting, fast rooting, more rooting.

1. Raw soil takes root. Increase soil permeability, improve soil structure, promote soil beneficial microbial activity, stimulate soil nutrient efficiency, activate soil. In the natural rooting factor under the action of the new roots germinal, the roots of rejuvenation, mention seedlings, strong seedlings,protect seedlings, raising roots care. In the continuous low temperature and low light environment, can promote the rapid rooting of crops root, improve the ability of plants to absorb water and fertilizer and resilience (Anti - freeze, drought resistance, anti - alkali, anti - disease, anti - continuous cropping).

2. Breathable water. Quick rooting agent can break the soil compaction, loose soil, improve soil permeability, enhance soil and fertilizer penetration, improve soil, control saline, water and drought.

3. Activate resistance to stress. Fully activate the plant's inherent potential, improve the activity of the enzyme, improve the crop cold, drought, waterlogging, salt and other resistance to stress, disease resistance, reduce disease. Due to stubble, disease, injury, frost damage, salt damage and other causes of dead seedlings, rot, dark spots, root rot and other hazards have a significant resistance to improve the crop after the rehabilitation of self-repair capacity.

4. Balance control. Balanced nutrient conversion, tuberous tubers can promote the transfer of nutrients to the roots, to promote the underground roots, tuber enlargement, elongation, high yield.

5. Increased quality. Green pollution-free, safe and efficient. Balanced coordination of crop vegetative growth and reproductive growth, a substantial increase in yield, improve quality.
Rooting - hormone secretion, nutrient delivery, stimulating rooting
Strong roots - elimination of residual, salt and alkali, loose soil to promote the root;
Rooting - autoimmune, antagonism of bacteria, anti-corrosion more rotten.
Rich polyglutamic acid can effectively block sulfate, phosphate, oxalate and metal elements to form a precipitate, the crop more effective absorption of soil phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and trace elements, promote root development, strengthen the resistance Sickness.

Quick rooting agent Usage:
Drip irrigation, smoked per mu per 5 kg.

1, the goods can be mixed with most of the non-alkaline pesticide spraying, is strictly prohibited and strong alkaline preparations (copper, Bordeaux liquid, etc.) mixed; can not be superphosphate and other calcium fertilizer mixed with high, in order to avoid precipitation;
2, to avoid the use of extreme weather (such as drought, rain, frost, etc.);
3, after the opening as far as possible one-time run out, and vice versa please note that sealed;
4, stored in a cool dry place, while avoiding children contact.

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